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WolfieCut™ - Professional Hair Cutting Tool

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WolfieCut™ - Professional Hair Cutting Tool

Hair Salons Are So Overrated! 

DIY Professional Hair Cutting Tool – dealsbymike

The WolfieCut™ is a "MUST" have for anyone that wants to avoid unhappy salon visits and save time & money. 

It's the only device that will help you achieve your desired look from the comfort of your own home. Try it at home for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, return it for your money back! No questions asked!

Avoid unwanted split ends and have your hair looking beautiful and healthy. Achieve salon-worthy results anywhere you are. So eliminate expensive unhappy visits to the salon and get your hair looking right. A true "no brainer" for anyone that hates going to hair salons. Due to both those awkward conversations with the stylist and getting the cut they didn't want. 

Why the WolfieCut™ is For You...

Save Time & Money - There is nothing worst than waiting for hours sitting in a chair. Only to receive an overly expensive haircut you didn't want, while talking to some random person about your life. 

Precise Cutting - Made to make hair styling easy. A precise straight cut every time.

Long-Lasting Hair -  Avoid split ends and unwanted hair. And have your hair looking beautiful and healthy all year long. 

Beginner Friendly - Made to be beginner-friendly. And easy to use from the start.

Be Your Own Stylist - Achieve the look you desire. And become your own hairstylist from the comfort of your own home.  

What's Included?

1 x WolfieCut™ - Professional Hair Cutting Tool Set

Set Includes: 2 Clips one for short hair and cutting bangs. And the other for longer hair and other cuts. 


Question: How many clips does this set have?

Answer: The WolfieCut Set home haircutting tool comes with 2 hair cutting clips. One large white WolfieCut for long hair and layers and the small blue CreaClip for shorter hair and bangs. Both CreaClip's can be used for many different hair cuts. We also provide many instructional videos on YouTube. for example, to familiarize yourself with our hair cutting tool.


Question: Will this work to create a layered look in curly 3b hair?

Answer: Yes it works on Curly hair! We have had many happy customers that used the WolfieCut and love it. You can either blow-dry straight or flat iron first before you cut or cut curly. If you blow-dry straight you it's easier to clip and slide in the hair. However, you can also cut while the hair is curly, depending on the hairstyle you are looking to do. You will just clip it on where the desired length to be cut and cut, you skip the sliding process. Ex. For one length you clip it 1 inch on the bottom and cut. For layers you flip head over, let the hair fall straight down then clip on 1 inch of the ends. I always recommend cutting a little at a time, then take a look and then repeat until you get your desired length and layers! Then it's risk-free when you take little steps!


Question: My hair is very straight thick course and cut into a chin-length bob of which is now growing out (horribly I might add) will this product work on me?

Answer: Yes it will work! We have done lots of chin-length bobs with the blue WolfieCut clip! Now if your hair is thicker use the large white WolfieCut clip! If it's long enough you can also do the cut in front. Check out our videos where we split the hair down the middle vertically into two sections, bring the hair in the front and then clip straight across then trim the ends! 


Question: How do I cut length off without adding more layers? I have plenty of layers but the length is still really long.

Answer: Yes you can do that! There are many Youtube videos that show many tutorials on how to use the clips. You basically split the hair into two sections vertically down the top of your head, bring each side in front. Using the White WolfieCut clip and slide to the very end and cut 1 inch off!


Question: Does this work well with boys' hair?

Answer: Yes, this works with any type of hair. 


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